Tonga Mar 2022

Well today’s run went exceptionally well. A couple of us arrived at the chevron earlier than everyone else, but it didn’t take long for rigs to start trickling in topping off thier fuel and parking. 10 rigs in total today ok 11 and a trailer because someone trailered their wheeler.

After a quick drivers meeting we headed to Tonga. Not a ton of traffic, but did find one moron that pulled out in front of the towed rig. Was nice seeing those trailer brakes working great.

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Tonga Tree Run Dec 2021

The couple of weeks prior to the 2021 Timber Tamers’ Christmas Tree Run we had almost historically warm temperatures ending-up the wettest meteorological autumn on record. The most frustrating part of this was that we’d had a LOT of rain until a few days before the run, but with the temperatures all in the 50s, it was a warm rain and threatened to melt all the snow, even at altitude. Even more ominous, here on the first weekend of December, the ski resorts weren’t even open yet because they didn’t have enough snow. I started having fears we were going to have to do this run on a wet and un-snowy Forest Service Road. However, the blessing we had was that starting in the early morning hours of the very day we took this trail run, heavy snow was predicted—and heavy snow it was!

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Tonga Tree Run Dec 2020

I started off the day with hitting the alarm clock. I work a swing shift schedule so I usually don’t even know what that dang thing sounds like.
I got my coffee and took my time getting ready. I should have plenty of time.
Well I guess once I got in behind a guy speeding up then slowing down and speeding up and slowing down. Then stopping to top off fuel.
I got to the staging are right at 10am on the dot… Oops

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Tonga Ridge Xmas Tree Run Dec 2019

Joe, Steve, Ken, Ryan and I all decided that we would meet up for breakfast at 7:30 AM in Monroe at the Buzz Inn. After breakfast we headed out to the trail to meet up with anyone else that planned to go. We got to the trestle around 9:10 or so and aired down. We waited until precisely 9:28 and everyone was asking what we were going to do and I said that since I was the leader that we shall go! We did a quick driver meeting and headed up the hill. It was just us 4 rigs at that time.

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Hangover Run Jan 2018

The alarm clock going off, with birds singing and the sounds of the babbling brook near our house and the sun peeking out…. Oh wait That was the dream I was having….  It was more like the alarm BLARING, still dark out and everything totally frozen including the babbling brook. Hell it wasn’t even light out yet and the moon was still Bright n full. In any case when we get up to an alarm clock in my house it is almost always because we are doing something fun that day. Today was going to be no exception. I was in charge of the first group going to Tonga Ridge today. The goal was to make high point and get the Hangover trophy. Continue reading “Hangover Run Jan 2018”

Christmas Tree Run Dec 2016

6:45 AM Melissa and I roll into the parking lot of the Everett Mall to see more Tamers standing around and talking in the rain than there were volunteers for NW Harvest setting up for their event. It was a great turn out for the Tamers to do there Rig Parade through the donation line where Dave W presented the Tamers donation to NW Harvest. Funny thing… before the Parade the Tamers were asked to help setup for the event because someone thought we were the Teamsters. We did of course help setup but made sure to let the crew for NW Harvest know that we were there to give a donation and not to actually work the event.

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Christmas Tree Run Dec 2015

Some of us started the day at 6:45 am (yikes) at Everett Mall, to give NW Harvest our collected donation, and some food items.  Although it was very early for some of us, there were 8 rigs there, well, 7 and an anonymous FJ that didn’t want to go through the Parade, as he is really a Jeep owner…and didn’t want to be seen driving a Yoter. Continue reading “Christmas Tree Run Dec 2015”

Hangover Run Jan 2010

Ah – not only a New Year, but also a reminder of the passage of years. The Hangover Run in years previous used to be attributed to imprudence of how much and what types of alcohol had been imbibed the previous night. Now – for at least some of us who’ve been around the club for more than a few years – hangover is more a measure of how much and the types of food we’ve partaken over the holidays. When we say it’s hard to get into our rigs – it is literally hard to get up into our rigs. Continue reading “Hangover Run Jan 2010”