Hangover Run Jan 2016

It is tradition that the Tamers head out on a snow run New Years Day. We kept the tradition going another year and headed up to Tonga Ridge to see if there was any snow that we could put tracks in and to see who could get the furthest up the road. It was pretty cold at about 16 degrees and since it had been dry and cold for a while the snow was just like sugar and would not pack. That made progress very difficult not to mention slow. Along about 1pm we called it and Chad was deemed the winner of the Hang Over trophy for 2016. There was another group of Tamers on the mountain that was doing there 4×4 duty and indoctrinating some newer members of four wheeling to snow wheeling. I am not sure of the exact count but I figure it was around 30 people. I am happy to say that we got everyone off the mountain safe and sound but not after more that a few stuck rigs.