Christmas Tree Run Dec 2016

6:45 AM Melissa and I roll into the parking lot of the Everett Mall to see more Tamers standing around and talking in the rain than there were volunteers for NW Harvest setting up for their event. It was a great turn out for the Tamers to do there Rig Parade through the donation line where Dave W presented the Tamers donation to NW Harvest. Funny thing… before the Parade the Tamers were asked to help setup for the event because someone thought we were the Teamsters. We did of course help setup but made sure to let the crew for NW Harvest know that we were there to give a donation and not to actually work the event.

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Walker Oct 2016

Today, was not so usual for us.  Our normally prepared events, were interrupted by another matter on Friday, so Saturday morning at O’Dark Thirty, we discover neither rig had gas, and the  Zuk had no spare tire or winch attached.  OK, we will need to leave a bit earlier than planned to get gas….then, we discovered that both the trail rigs Disco passes had expired!  Well, we certainly can’t go out without those, so I jumped online to purchase online, and have our confirmation #’s on hand, if asked.  At the disco pass website, I find a message saying “I’m sorry, we are not able to offer Disco pass purchases online right now, please check back at a later time”.  Well, this won’t do as we need to be out of the house in a few minutes to get gas, and still get to WV before our 10am meet up time.  So, out of the house we run, so we can gas up, then stop and get disco passes.  At the gas station, we find that Gary has forgotten his wallet at home.  Hoping this is not how the rest of our day will go, I run for Disco passes, while Gary runs for his wallet, and we meet back up at the Ace Hardware parking lot, to blow the Pop Cycle Stand! Continue reading “Walker Oct 2016”

Walker Valley EnE Sep 2016

The Tamers put together an E&E day at Walker Valley, for Saturday the 3rd of September. Members, Chris and Ashley Brown initiated this event, and the rest of the Tamers showed up to help.  We were un-sure if this being a holiday weekend, would be a good day or not, but as it turned out, it was an Excellent day for E&E!  We were even asked if we would be back for the rest of the weekend. Continue reading “Walker Valley EnE Sep 2016”

Liberty Aug 2016

Unfortunatly I was not going to be able to lead the Labor Day Weekend run to Liberty so in lue of that I offered to lead the run on 8/20 and have it be at Liberty. Since there was nothing else planned for that run on the calendar it all worked out. The Family and I took the day off from work Friday and headed over early in order to get a camping spot since we wanted to relax a bit and this seemed like a great chance to do so. Continue reading “Liberty Aug 2016”

WE ROCK Aug 2016

W.E. Rock (World Extreme Rock Crawling Competition) 2016 is an event that some Tamers attend annually, some to compete, some to spot, some to judge and some to watch!  This year was no different.  We had 8 Tamers in attendance, Karl VP and Tom Baker, Chad Krebs and Cody Krebs competing.  Anthony Areola was also in the completion, as a spotter for Larry Smith, and Tamer Pal.  Gary and Casey Miller were judging, and Steven Armentrout and Rudy D. were there to watch the entertainment.  Also, 2 Members of the RRR, Ash and Tony, found us and camped with us!

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Manastash July 2016

It has been a while since the Tamers were at Manastash. For one reason or another it just never seemed to happen because of weather too hot, wild fire, or just timing. There always seemed to be something preventing the club from going back to Manastash. Well this year that was not the case. The Tamers decided that the weekend just before the 4th would be the weekend that the Tamers go back to the Manastash. Continue reading “Manastash July 2016”

Reiter Mar 2016

The Reiter Run started early for Janessa and I. We pre-gamed everything and put the wheeler on the trailer on Friday to make it easier Saturday morning. Still up and adam long before the buttcrack of dawn we were on the road by 6:30AM. We arrived in much better time than expected so we hung out and waited for Scotty to open the gate while I played a wheelin’ game on my phone (no surprise I’m sure). Continue reading “Reiter Mar 2016”

Denny Creek Feb 2016

Trail Report – Denny Creek 2016
The Back Story (Prequel) Casey’s Fishin’ Trip

So – at the Thursday night meeting – when it came time to announce this month’s run – Casey went on a little fishing trip.

“Okay – who wants to be the run leader?”

The previously noisy room went silent. I could almost hear the crickets chirping in the back. (Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?)

I knew she was fishing for me – the Bull Muskie Moose – to hop up and snap on the line. Hey – this Moose wasn’t born (or entered the club) just yesterday. She was going to have to spend a little more time compelling me to raise my hand. Continue reading “Denny Creek Feb 2016”