Macys Parade Nov 2016

Each year Macy’s looks far and wide to find the best drivers in the world to drive their golf cart turbocharged Hemi big block floats in the day after Thanksgiving day parade.  Instead what they get is us, a group of wheelers.  Oh and they are just regular golf carts with big fans in them that inflate a balloon thing.This year we had ten drivers from our club which means Macy’s sends us $1000.  This makes for the biggest fund fundraiser of the year by a long shot, and on top of that, it is a lot of fun.  Yes, you do have to get up very early in the morning, but hanging with the rest of the tamers always makes for a good day.

Items of note –
– The Macy’s team works hard to point the fans just right so they blow cold air down your neck.  (I know how to fix this)
– You can’t run over spectators.  They don’t like that.
– The times when you really need the spotters they are not there.  Like to and from the convention center.
– The Tamers are way better spotters than the ones in the parade.
– The spotters manage to hide in your blind spots even if you tell them two years in a row not to walk on the side of the float.
– Cindy loves driving the big dog and wants to drive it again next year so don’t even think about it !!
– The spotters hold the microphone to the radio way to close to their mouth even if you tell them two years in a row how to use it correctly
– The Macy’s radios are worthless and useless unless your spotter uses them correctly
– The real reason that the Pronto Bikes in Seattle are going bankrupt is that only Clowns ride them.  (And I do mean Clowns, see below)
– Cheap handheld GMRS radios are fun to have with you during this event
– No matter what Jake drives or how flat the trail He will manage to high center.  (Like in front of the Paramount)

Time to Line Up …


Can you see my spotter? Nor can I.


Photographic proof that only clowns ride pronto bikes in Seattle.


Hope to see you all next year on this run and thank you for all who were able to attend.
Curt Brady