Walker Valley Jan 2016

Typical January day in Western WA….cold and raining!  Timber Tamer members began pulling into the main staging area at Walker Valley, around 9:30, where we chatted with several member of the Rainier Ridge Rams, who were also running WV this day.  The RRR took off earlier then we did to head to the upper Mainline trail area.
As we all aired down, and prepared for the drivers meeting, got word of an upside down rig at the first gate, that may need assistance.   A Few of us ran to see if we could help…only to find that it was Kevin Vanderhorst, from the RRR, on his lid…with nary an obstacle to be seen in his general vicinity….still scratching head on that.
We began the day with 16 rigs, 9 club members, 2 candidates, 3 member guests and a couple tag alongs.

RRR went up the first gate, towards the Mainline and Expressway, (which were open), so we went to the second gate, to head up TT, Easy Valley, etc.  Our first obstacle was the gate keeper….which for the most part, is not too difficult….unless you are a Full Size Bronco!    Half way through this obstacle the driver, candidate Steve, began removing parts and pieces from his rig, so as not to leave them behind.  We continued up to the TT trail, where Gary jumped in the FS Bronco, to give him a hand with navigation…which was a non-issue, he made it through.  We headed over Easy Valley, and of course, stopped at the Ridge Ram Trail, so those of us who wanted to give it a try, could, while other spotted, took pictures, or had a snack.

On the Ridge Ram trail, Scott Lear had a little miss-hap, Ring and Pinion busted up a few teeth on his front diff, so we thought we’d winch him….which also wouldn’t happen, as his winch decided not to work today.  Ron gave him a tug, and all was good.  Also one of the guests, broke a few teeth in his rear Ring and Pinion, so he backed down off the trail.

Candidate Corrie, in a Red Jeep, had never been up RR trail, and was quite hesitant to try it.  After talking with Michael Kelly, and assuring him, his rig could do it….he went up the trail for the first time!  Great job Corrie!

We then finished up the RR trail further up the road, where the FS Bronco had a little trouble squeezing through the mud trough, just before the hairpin turn, but ultimately made it!

We then ran up to the upper gravel pit for lunch and some play time.  After lunch, we split the group for those who wanted to do Ron’s Run, and those who didn’t.  Those who didn’t did Humps and Bumps and the Skills area….twice, then went to meet up with the Ron’s Run group.

Earlier in the day, RRR had radioed us, that the Mainline and Expressway were open, so at this point, Steve Yeager lead about half the group down the hill that direction, and the other half of the group left as we came in.  One reason we didn’t take everyone down the mainline area…..well, we were pretty darn sure we would never get that FS through the gate keeper, at least not without making it quite a bit smaller then it currently is.

Great day in the Rain, some snow and with great people and Rigs!  Thanks to all who came out, and helped to make this an awesome run!

Casey  TT #256