Walker Valley June 2016

Several Tamers did a short run to Walker Valley last Sunday, June 5th.  Jerry & Rebel, Gary and Casey, Josh Turney, Dave Wilkinson and Mark McLaughlin were in attendance, along with a young man who had contacted me on FB, about how to go about joining our club, his name is Lucas….and he drives a Yellow Yota!
We started off with the Timber Tamer trail, both lower and the upper, and wanted to see if the upper trail was passable for all rigs, and it is.  A little maneuvering for the 4-door jeep, but unscathed.  Up over Easy Valley, then on to the Ridge Ram trail….where most of the rigs did run up the rocks, with out too much trouble.  Very little mud, as it was about 90 Degrees!  Finished off the rest of the Ridge Ram trail, then took a lunch break

We then headed off to do Ron’s Run.  The lower section of RR is pretty much the same, though it seems there is now a bypass for the big log.  On to the upper sections, where the holes at the Egg Rock, have been filled in with boulders….and, we were able to collect several Tow fees!  This is a challenging area, and it seems that each rig needs to take a bit different line, but with our fearless spotter Gary, we all made it up, er, one way or another….and the bonus was that no one was stung by the wasps that appear to be nesting at the top!

Next on the list…The Skills area!  This has been a nemesis for some, for a long time.  About 4 years ago, Josh Turney was unable to push his well built Jeep up and over the side area, and had to hook a winch to the little Samurai.  TODAY, he tried several different lines, and finally made it up and over, to an excited cheering crowd!

Next on this list was Gary and his much shorter Sammy…..Again, trying several lines to not slide off to the left, and not get stuck on the right. Getting closer, closer, almost……Then you hear the on-watchers, simultaneously make those sounds… “OOOOHHHH”, “EEEEKKKS” , “NOOOOOO”, and a lot of sucking in of the breath….  From outside of the rig, we could all see the little Sammy standing on the 2 rear wheels, and teetering to the right!  Several members grabbed the front bumper and pulled it down to the ground, then attached a strap to keep the front wheels a little closer to the earth.  The Sammy did make it up and over, with a strap and 3 TT’s pulling the front end down!  After this, Gary said he was fine, didn’t feel bad, why all the worry noise….….until he saw the video!

Next Lucas in his Yellow Yota, went up the butt crack, with only a strap for safety….peer pressure pushed Gary to try it too, with his short wheel base…..probably not the best choice.  Almost sat the Sammy on the spare tire, but with a little winch tug, made it up….ok, not under his own power, another tow fee.

Last, we blasted up to the Expressway, and took that down the hill to the parking lot…without incident.  (ok, one big root took a bite out of Miss Creant’s fender flare)
It was a small short run, but a beautiful day to play in the woods!  Had a great time, with members and potential members

Keep Wheelin’ !