July BOD 2013 Mini-Report

As Auto-M and I walked in the front door, we already smelled the victuals a-cookin’ away on the grill.  Out back, Karl was manning the helm of his Charco-Broil 2000, flames and smoke licking up around his ears, like a sacrifice pleasing to the gods.

As is usual for a BOD (that’s Tamers Board of Directors to you who may be new-ish to things) it was a time of talking business, renewing the bonds of friendship that tie us together, and remembrance of trails and hi-jinks past.  We touched on who currently has the cowbell (apparently – my cowbell reign lasted only a week, with Rock putting his rig on its side only a week or so after Father’s Day), tales of Tom putting Karl’s rig on its side (possibly repeatedly) at King of the Hammers, and other like tales of the trail.

On the menu were all the tasty summertime things good to eat: Tater-Tots, pasta salad, brats done to a tender turn, burgers with cheese, and, dare I dream to be so lucky – bacon-dogs.  No – not hotdogs wrapped in bacon, but wieners with bits of bacon actually encased within!!!! – oh be still my cholesterol-clogged barely beating heart!  It was all fabulous!  And – washed down with one of Karl’s home-made hard ciders – I tell you, there was no better place to be.

Then – somewhere after dinner and during the “meeting” – little Bella entertained us with the “Shot Heard ‘Round The Yard,” giving in to some primodial internal directive, and filling her drawers in a most convincing manner.  Given her age, this event was not only appropriate, but actually expected.  I decided to instantly compose a song dedicated to all of our infant Tamers responding to nature’s call…..

Again –  to the tune of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”……..

“I’m gonna crap my pants

Got poopy in my pocket

Smiles gonna beam up, lookin’ for a clean up

This is suckling awesome……”

Okay – yes, we actually talked Tamer business too – Big trip in 2014, Labor Day WA Back Country Route run, potential Tamer involvement in the September Monroe Adventure Park event, a Show and Shine upcoming at 4 Wheel Parts, Land use meetings with the forest service, getting Tamer apparel lined up for 2014 – and other wheeling topics.

But you know – while that’s important, it certainly pales when compared with the chance to make up a silly song about dooky……

The night ended with berries, whipped cream and sponge cake courtesy of Ed and Katie.  If you weren’t there – you missed a pleasant time.

Karl, Ruth and Isabel – thanks for the hospitality!

And everyone – see the notes about the next meeting location – Lynnwood Alfies is closed – so next meeting location on the website – Snohomish Alfies on Avenue D.

Thanks for readin’ – And Keep On Wheelin’!