Newbie Feb 2005

When do you quit being a “Newbie” … As quoted from ” Harv. of Sorrow” from the S.N.O.R.T. B/Board

I feel it to be a ZEN thing…

When you have worshiped the sport and participated long enough to really “feel” things. Whether they are simple things like the inklings to go wheeling, the twitch of excitement at the base of an above average obstacle…or the general sense of calm at being in touch with nature.

The true quantification of being a non-newbie to any hobby, sport, job, is experience. The wealth of knowledge that can be attained from just simply being in the environment is something that can not be amassed quickly. It is from this wealth, this trove of scenarios that you can draw your line visions from. The one ‘ness with your vehicle and knowing that the line you have envisioned will or will not work with your equipment. Then as you encroach upon that line and you start to commit, start to ballet dance upon it, you start to grey within your mind…not really seeing the obstacle, but rather feel it.

It is a funny thing how you can feel the vibrations, and gyrations that your rig transmits to you. How they become a language all of their own. This language is not too unlike the dancing of a bee within the hive…relaying a new pollen location for the feasting. The gentle bump up to a root that is over hub high tells you one thing, while the drop of your passenger rear tells you another. As you envelope your roll center the thoughts pass from gas, brake, passenger, or driver…

It is only the level and quality of your experience which will tell you the correct answer. If you know these things then that will determine your status in our life.