Evans Creek Night Run Mar 2005

After setting up for the swap meet in Puyallup, we headed back to Mark’s place to get ready for our annual run up the mountain. As it turned out there were not as many as normal going because a few of the club members were up at Mike R’s home playing on the quads and got a bit carried away. Well at least they had some fun… 🙂

Mark and I, with Travis riding along, and Robb headed up to the parking lot and unloaded. This was the maiden voyage of Mark’s Flatfender after stretching the body 8″ and moving the drive train. It worked out fine after Mark figured out which way to turn the hubs to lock them.

We ran up the 311a and, as usual, stopped to look at the mountain from one of the landings along the way. We called Danny and found out he was on his way and we arranged to meet him back in the parking lot in an hour. We continued up the 311b with no problems and meandered back down to the parking lot to meet Danny and Julie.

When we passed the triangle parking lot going back down, we noticed a big fire there and after Danny joined us we decided to check it out and see what was up. There were a couple of vehicles there and the guys that were there were in no condition to be doing much of anything, but we found out that one of them had a Toyota Tacoma up on one of the trails and it had slid off of the trail and was stuck. There was a dirt bike in the back of it and they were worried about it sitting up there with no one around. We decided to help them out.

We figured out the the trail was the one going up from across the camping area and a couple of the guys hopped in with us and we wandered up to check it out. We kept going up but nothing looked right to the guys. As it turned out we were going up the trail in reverse of the way they had gone, so it would not have looked right to them.

We finally found the truck and were amazed how far he had slid without going all the way over the edge and sliding down into a ravine. You could have pushed this truck over with one hand. Both ft tires were in mud and the left rear was 4 feet in the air. The right rear was the only thing holding it and it was hooked in a 4″ ridge of dirt. if that let loose it would go 40-50 ft before hitting tree’s.

Of course no one had a camera. I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone, but the flash is real weak for night shots.