North Fork Snow Run 2/18/23

10 rigs were able to make this run and go play in the heavy wet cascade concrete snow.

Steve – Samurai Leading
Gary Thomlason – Black JK
Vince – Red
Zhangwei – Teal JL
Dean – Blue JL
Nate – Coppertone
Chris – Stomper
Rick – White TJ
Dave – Tan LJ
Jeremy – Green CJ

Headed out just after 9:00 am and left the pit about 10:45. Wasn’t long after we hit the trail we were airing down again as it was getting slick. Steve laid a good path in the Samuri even though it was deep snow and steep hills. He really couldn’t crawl it and instead had to keep backing up and hitting it time after time. Behind Steve the 4 doors were just sinking to the frame no matter what they tried. To make matters worse when they sunk the snow would freeze to the frame making a recovery all that much harder. It snowed off and on pretty much the whole day long.

All and all a good run!