Pick Up A Mountain Sep 2013

Each fall the Tamers try to make it to either the Operation Shore Patrol event in Ocean Shores to help clean up the beaches, or to the Pick Up A Mountain event in the Naches area. This year the Tamers went to Pick Up A Mountain.

Only a couple of Tamers were able to make it this year to the event but a good time was still had by those that went. There was a potluck on Saturday night along with a raffle around the campfire with some great prizes.

One unfortunate thing is that the memorial for Ray Early was returned to the Tamers at this event. After the fires in the Naches areas over the summer some USFS executives were touring the area and say the memorial. Apparently there is a rule about no public memorials on government land and the order to remove it was given. I have to say thank you to the person that removed the Memorial as they did it with loving care so as to not damage it. As a result it was removed with no damage and then returned at the event to the Tamers so we could give it back to the family.

Even with the unfortunate removal of the memorial I think that the event had to be considered a success as it contributed to keeping the trails open and the area accessible for the recreation that we all enjoy. You should try to attend next year and see what this is all about.