Prison Break Sep 2013

The Tamers were asked to be volunteers at the fall 2014 Prison Break event out at the Monroe Adventure Park. After meeting with the organizer and the other groups volunteering to help with the event the Tamers decided to go ahead and assist with the event.

In past years the Tamers have helped with the Rock Crawl, Hill Climb, and Obstacle Course. Well this time around the Tamers were to help the PNW4WDA independents with a Course Country course. This was a course that was long enough there could be two vehicles on the course at the same time chasing each other around and completing one timed lap for position in the standings. The course had long open sections with sweeping turns and then dived into trees with tight turns not to mention a few up and down sections on hills.

The Tamers helped with safety on the course and recovery when needed. As a result we had a front row seat for some of the fun when competitors went through the tight and twisty sections.

The Tamers also ended up helping on the Rock Crawl course with scoring and recovery. This was a lot of work out under the sun all day long. All of the people on the course did an excellent job both days and a big thank you goes out to them for there dedication.

If you missed the event then you did miss a good time so think about trying to make it to the next one.