Reiter Aug 2020

I Dave Wilkinson met at the parking lot with Rick Moreno in his “Big Tasty” blue Jku and Andrew Bruce. ( Andrew is a coworker) Along came Paul Phillips who is a prospect in his army green Fj. Pretty much stock on 31” tires. I’m driving my red Yj.

We head off out of the upper parking onto the new to me trails. We see right away that Paul needs some guidance. I jump out to spot for him and Andrew drives my Jeep onward down the trail. Paul is new to wheeling and needed some help. The scrapes and bumps on his undercarriage was a new sound and experience for him and he decided he did not want to continue in his rig. We parked his Fj next to my tow rig and he jumped into the passenger seat with Rick. Off we go back to the new trails. I got off onto a new shoot that was challenging for the little Yj and Rick held back to find some less challenging trails. I found myself pretty deep into some area where I had no business with open axles. The way forward was to transverse three rock “pits” which I could see would require either lockers or a fair bit of momentum. Too much for me. I made my best Tamer Turnaround and proceeded back through the rock jungle in search of Rick. I could see his Jku up on the hill side and needed to find a way to him. We met and continued onto the “drive way” trail. I’m afraid Rick found this trail too challenging and went around to the other end to film me coming out. We then decided to try the “new trails” on the left side of the main road in. This is a great trail for new wheelers, it is long and winds up and down. We decided to call it a day and loaded up to go home. While I was unloading my Yj at home I noticed a wet spot on the trailer. Apparently I split my transfer case. I parked the Jeep in its usual spot and put a bucket under it to catch the fluid. I’ll look at it another day. Thank you Rick, Paul and Andrew for coming along today. This ends my report.

Dave TT269