Darrington to Sedro Woolley Oct 2020

I was feeling like I needed to get out in nature and lucky for me others needed that too. Shawn Nelson knew of some roads outside of Darrington that he hasn’t explored in a while, so we decided to hit up that area.

We met at the White Horse Shell station at 10am. We had a total of 6 4×4 type vehicles which included:
Ryan and I in our 2016 Black JKU
Shawn and Tracy in his Teal TJ
Terry and Pam in their sexy new tan Gladiator
Chaz in his 77 blue Land Cruiser – (Loved this!)
Mihai in his Blue 2016 JK
Chris Green in his yellow XJ (the short bus)
We fueled up and the road to fun was right across the street from the gas station so off we went!

We got up to NF road 18 and pulled off to air down a bit. Blue skies and sunny weather and not much dust because it had recently rained.

As we meandered around the mountain, we decided to take a spur off and see where it would take us. Forest road 1820 was a nice little trail/road that came to an end at a mining gate. We all hung out here a bit and chatted. We decided to get going again and when we got back to the main road Terry and Pam had to get going so, they took a right and we all took a left to keep going. I am glad that they came out for a little bit, it was good to see them.

So off we went again to try and get lost on these roads, trying to make to Sedro Woolley eventually. We got a little off course and had to make the first of many famous Timber Tamer turn arounds to get back on track. We all figured that we hadn’t gotten lost yet so we took another spur to see if we could get lost. This spur was full of NW pinstriping as well as a downed tree that we all got around easily and headed up the trail farther until it squeezed us out of a trail, turning into another TT turn around. We finally got everyone turned around we headed back to the main road.

Back on the main trail, Chaz decided he wanted to take a few pics before heading out, so he left the group and we ventured on. Coming to another spur in the road, Chris and Mihai missed the turn that Shawn took, and we had to call them back (way to wait for your group Shawn)! When they got back, Chris said that he had to get back because he had to go back to work, so he took off from here.
So then there was 3 rigs left…. Shawn and Tracy, Mihai, and Ryan and I and we went off for just one more trail. Everyone knows that the Tamers should be wary of “just one more trail”, but we did it anyway. We went up and found a very open area off the side of the road that overlooked the most beautiful, serene view. It was amazing! It was an awesome end to a wonderful day of exploring! We sat up there for a while and conversed and looked at the beauty that nature was displaying. It was getting along toward evening by this time, so we decided to get going and headed down to the main road. We aired up just before the pavement started and said our goodbyes.

Thank you all for getting out and exploring yesterday. It was much needed and a whole lot of fun!
Until next time … Stay classy Timber Tamers!