Walker Valley Oct 2020

So when the couple that was going to go to Walker with us had to cancel, I put out a call to see if anyone wanted to go… thinking that with a 100% chance of rain, I’d maybe get one or two takers. Much to my surprise, we ended up with 6 Jeeps as we stood around for a quick chat prior to heading out on the trails, and the rain poured down.

Aaron took the lead as he had a favorite trail, he wanted to take his kids up and out we went turning left towards Upper Mainline. Just after Aaron made the gatekeeper look much harder than he had to by going over the top of the rocks instead of around the posts (making Mihai question us all in his stock height JK), we went from 6 Jeeps to 7 when Rudi came blasting up on us.

After everyone got through the gatekeeper, we started up to a view spot (not sure of the trail name) but Mihai kept bellying out over the first big hump and instead of dragging him over it he and a few others stayed back while three of us ran up to the top for some pic’s.

Back together again we headed through Upper Mainline, the Aaron took us to the left only to need to turn around in place, reversing the order, which turned out to be an elegant plot to make Rudi who had been at the tail, lead… Aaron denied the plot of course.

Rudy then led us through Around the Sound, Humps and Bumps, through some “ginormous mud puddles” and to the ‘play area’ where Rudi showed off his YJ powers and the rest of us had some lunch. Josh (or Jeff? Confusing…) on his 40’s tried to take a line up the rocks at one point but was denied as it was very slippery, unfortunately putting a bit of a bend in is tie rod in the process ☹

Moving on we continued through the Connector, and Timber Tamers trails. Some of these gave Mihai a fun time but with a lot of care and spotting we got him through without any tow fees (sorry Casey).

Unfortunately, however, right at the end of the day Mihai took his passenger step off the jeep (prep for installing rock sliders I’m sure, just planning ahead!) as he slid against a large rock.

Best part of the day though was that the rain subsided shortly after we hit the trail, and the weather was nice, even sunny at times most of the day!

Thanks to everyone who showed up (Bruce, Mihai, Jeff, Josh, Aaron, Rudi), Tammy and I had a great time!