Sadie Creek 3/18/2023

So we decided to call this a club run even though there were just the two vehicles. Jeremy and Noni in their CJ7 and Tammy and Dave in our LJ all camped at or near Sadie Creek for the weekend and though the club was invited seems like no one else could make it which was too bad. 

Weather was a perfectly clear blue-sky day, around 60 degrees or so, but the ground was very wet and muddy, we did pretty much every trail we could do other than Chaos, even one or two that we didn’t meet the requirements posted on the signs because, well why not? 

I don’t have all the trail names; we didn’t even know all of them but here are some highlights: 

Early on we tried one obstacle, a short climb called whipsaw hill, it seemed like it shouldn’t be that hard but both Jeremy and I took quite a few tries to get maybe 75% up the hill, the mud and wet roots were just too slippery and that would become a theme… so we each backed down and drove around. 

A couple trails later we stopped for a view, and I played with my drone a bit (some of the videos/drone footage will show up on our Instagram’s in future days weeks as we lazy people get around to clipping/posting them lol. 

We moved on and drove some more fun trails before hitting some more smallish puddles. 

Eventually stopped for some lunch while we debated doing the next trail Sasquatch hill, which the sign said was for 36’s, dual lockers, winches, etc… (35 is close enough right?)

Sasquatch was a somewhat difficult trail at first but not too bad, just muddy with some deep ruts/flexy spots etc until we got to the hill itself… we both winched about 15 feet up that hill after multiple tries, due to the slick, goopy mud and the deep ruts (attached video gives a good example) that 36’s, or even 37’s wouldn’t have made a difference on (I think 40+ if you didn’t want to winch).  

After that we drove the rest of the hill and trail with a bit of momentum (read skinny pedal). Eventually we found some easier trails that wound through some clearcut and I practiced following us with my drone as Tammy drove the Jeep. 

Near the end of the day of course, Jeremy asked if we felt up for “one more trail”…. Should have known right? 

Here it is… Jeremy tried to straddle the rut, fell in the wrong way and leaned way over. We ended up running a winch off a tree to the high side slider just to pull down on the Jeep as he backed out of it, then proceeded to just drive up the other side of the rut and finished the trail.

Definitely less tippy driving the other side of the rut… but it was just way too mucky and click to actually manage to straddle it. 

All in all it was a fantastic day out there and we heartily wished we could have shared it it with some other Tamers… maybe we can get more out there in the future.