BCDR July 2017

If you have not heard of it the Washington Backcountry Discovery route runs from Oregon to Canada using mostly logging roads. Many club members had expressed interest in running the Discovery route but did not have time to run the whole thing. As a result we decided to run the route in sections with the goal of running the whole thing over time. The plan was to wheel one section then overnight in Wenatchee and run a different section before heading back home. Continue reading “BCDR July 2017”

Reiter Recovery July 2017

Karl brought the idea of a Rock Crawl Event at Reiter to the club and asked if the club was interested in sponsoring the event. The club being the club that it is said sure we can do that and thus began the 4 months of planning and preparation to make it happen. To be fair Karl to most of the work and a couple of the Tamers and Tamer friends helped when asked but most of the Tamers just showed up on the day of the event and did what needed to be done to make it happen. From all reports received the event was liked and there are already questions about when we are going to do another. No answer to that yet. Continue reading “Reiter Recovery July 2017”

Retier Rock Crawl Competition July 2017

A few months ago Karl came to a club meeting and suggested the idea of a Rock Crawling Competition at Reiter in order to help get the work out about the great work which the team building the trails has been doing. The fact that it would be fun also kind of factored into it I would have to guess. In any event the Tamers said they sponsor and help to put on the event along with a few members from the 4wd community. Karl headed up the organization and did most of the heavy lifting to make this event possible so thank you Karl. The hope is that we can do this again next year conditions permitting. For now here are a few pictures from the days events. Continue reading “Retier Rock Crawl Competition July 2017”

Manastash July 2017

Family and I did not get to leave the house until about 5pm because of other commitments and I was really dreading traffic but as it turned out the drive over only took about 15 minutes more than usual since traffic was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. We got to the campsite about 8pm to find that Gary and Casey were already there as was Jon as well as John and Mariscal. Continue reading “Manastash July 2017”

Liberty Fathers Day June 2017

From all accounts of everyone present if you did not make the father’s day run then you missed a great run. Being that the usual haunt was not going to work this year the Tamers decided to head over to Liberty for the weekend run. Cassidy and I left Friday morning and 4:45am to make sure we were early enough to secure a camp site for the Tamers that were going to spend the weekend. We arrived at 6:45am to find that there was just one site left which we promptly setup camp in and then went to breakfast at the little café down the highway a few miles. Once fed it was off to get a load of wood for that evening and then a cruise around the forest service roads looking for geocaches. Continue reading “Liberty Fathers Day June 2017”

Easter Jeep Safari April 2017

Well,  I’ve been back from Moab for nearly two weeks and I’m finally getting around to writing something up.   Bit of a novel…sorry.

My Dad flew up from Dallas to do an 11 day road trip with me in my ‘90 YJ  for our first Easter Jeep Safari.   I’ve mt. biked in Moab and we’ve both driven through several times – but this was our first 4X4 Moab experience. It was also the longest trip I’ve done in the old jeep by far. Continue reading “Easter Jeep Safari April 2017”

Hefty Haul Out April 2017

Having left my rig pulled off up on the gravel – I’m standing calf-deep in brambles and thorns off the steep downside of the main road –

First note to self – “Bring leather gloves down with you instead of leaving them in the rig.”

Second note to self while barely able to move feet tangled and twisted up in brambles – “A pair of pruning shears or a machete would be really handy right now.”  (I now remember that from my last time in this position….)

Third note to self – “I need to remember to bring some of the younger buckaroos and buckaristas along with me and show THEM the lower side of the road where trash should be getting pulled out!”

Continue reading “Hefty Haul Out April 2017”

Tinkham Rd Jan 2017

We started off the day like any other run. The alarm clock ringing waking us up too dang early for even the birds to be singing, lol. We got ourselves wakened up and loading things as the daylight started to appear. Pretty soon Casey’s phone started farting and we thought who the heck would be texting this hour. It was Eli and he was already up there and letting us know that Denny Creek road was closed. Eek gads! I wasn’t even fully awake yet and so we texted back letting him know we would be up there soon and he replied he would scout around till we got there.

Continue reading “Tinkham Rd Jan 2017”

Christmas Tree Run Dec 2016

6:45 AM Melissa and I roll into the parking lot of the Everett Mall to see more Tamers standing around and talking in the rain than there were volunteers for NW Harvest setting up for their event. It was a great turn out for the Tamers to do there Rig Parade through the donation line where Dave W presented the Tamers donation to NW Harvest. Funny thing… before the Parade the Tamers were asked to help setup for the event because someone thought we were the Teamsters. We did of course help setup but made sure to let the crew for NW Harvest know that we were there to give a donation and not to actually work the event.

Continue reading “Christmas Tree Run Dec 2016”

Walker Oct 2016

Today, was not so usual for us.  Our normally prepared events, were interrupted by another matter on Friday, so Saturday morning at O’Dark Thirty, we discover neither rig had gas, and the  Zuk had no spare tire or winch attached.  OK, we will need to leave a bit earlier than planned to get gas….then, we discovered that both the trail rigs Disco passes had expired!  Well, we certainly can’t go out without those, so I jumped online to purchase online, and have our confirmation #’s on hand, if asked.  At the disco pass website, I find a message saying “I’m sorry, we are not able to offer Disco pass purchases online right now, please check back at a later time”.  Well, this won’t do as we need to be out of the house in a few minutes to get gas, and still get to WV before our 10am meet up time.  So, out of the house we run, so we can gas up, then stop and get disco passes.  At the gas station, we find that Gary has forgotten his wallet at home.  Hoping this is not how the rest of our day will go, I run for Disco passes, while Gary runs for his wallet, and we meet back up at the Ace Hardware parking lot, to blow the Pop Cycle Stand! Continue reading “Walker Oct 2016”